Thursday, April 22, 2010

Green Eggs, No Ham

I bought a big 2-dozen carton of eggs at Costco the other day. They were lovely shades of tan and brown. I decided to hard boil some of them today to have on hand. I am trying to eat a lower carb diet and think I could enjoy a hard-boiled egg for breakfast instead of cereal. I usually mark the boiled eggs "HB" with a pencil so we don't confuse them with raw eggs, but remembering our lovely colored Easter eggs, I decided to add a few drops of food coloring to the water as they cooled instead. The green food coloring affected them differently from egg to egg. You may see these weird putty-colored eggs as ugly, but I am quite in love with the colors.
This one looks like it was treated in some way to achieve the interesting stripes, especially the wide patterned stripe. I didn't do a thing to it and it looked exactly like the others when I started. Somewhere there lives an artistic hen, who marks her eggs with a secret code.

These three seemed to exactly match this ceramic plate, even duplicating the effect of the clay color showing through the green glaze. I want to frame this photo and hang it on the wall.


  1. Wonderful coloring! We used to dye eggs, but bought colors are never subtle like these.
    To tell the boiled from the raw one, I spin them; if they stop very soon, they are raw.

  2. You can also throw a couple of onion skins in the pot when you boil them. Yellow onions make a golden color.

  3. Playing with your thinks, ....well I don't know what I think.

  4. Those are cool! When you look closely at an eggshell, you see all kinds of texture that no doubt accounts for some of the effects you got. (Yes, I spend hours staring at eggshells.)
    I mark my hardboiled eggs HB, too. Those happen to be my mom’s initials, which make me feel like I’m setting them aside for her. Julia Child, though, taught me to say hard-COOKED, because they should never, in her opinion, be boiled - just simmered.

  5. The "Three Eggs Blending" is a lovely picture. I also would hang it. I'm not very imaginative - I just draw faces on my hard cooked eggs using a fat Sharpie. My mother did it with a wax pencil - do they still make those? Del

  6. I love food art in kitchens and dining rooms. We had pairs all around the dining room when I was growing up. I think your still life with eggs and plate would be lovely framed.