Wednesday, April 07, 2010


I have had this camera for more than 3 years now and I just discovered that it has a setting for taking pictures at night. Takes much better low light pictures than I have been taking, using another setting that I stumbled upon awhile back that took better low light shots than the default setting. I love taking photos and I try to take good ones, but somehow I just don't have the patience to read the manual, so I bumble along until I accidentally figure something out. I still haven't figured out how to take a short video with the camera. I know it will do it. It's probably in the manual. Years ago I owned a nice SLR camera. I had taken a photography class and it seemed like I needed a good camera. I never did know what I was doing with that camera and it just frustrated me.

I don't get it. I'm a smart person and I exercise extreme amounts of patience in other spheres of my life. Reading manuals for machines just makes me crazy and I don't do it. One of these days I really am going to have to read the manual for my electric toothbrush. I need to replace the brush part and try as I might I can't figure out how to remove the darn thing.


  1. This makes me laugh. It is so true. Thankfully, I have been able to stumble through most things without reading the dreaded manual. Bill, on the other hand, insists on reading the manual. Strange thing that is because he is so mechanically disinclined that he usually still does it wrong.

  2. a Technical Writer, this is BLASPHEMY! :-) But I get it.

    I have a friend who is a retired teacher. He bought a digital camera then called to ask how to operate it (as if I'd know!). I said, "Did you read the manual?"

    He replied with, "I don't learn by reading. Just show me." <>

    In the Technical Writing field, we have a gentle acronym for folks who ask for help yet don't read the manual: RTFM

    You figure it out! ;-)

  3. I am good with most manuals, but for some reason, the manuals that come with cameras are like reading Japanese! Ah! I think that is the problem. I am getting a new Nikon and I am planning to use the manual. I'll let you know how that works!!

    Since we have the same current camera, I will show you how to do a video. I sometimes do one when I didn't intend to.

  4. That's what husbands are for!! (Is that a sexist remark?) :-)

  5. I ignore the manuals and never take classes to learn how to use my electronic equipment. I'm sure there are many things I could learn to help me be a better photographer. I'll have to check out the "night" setting.

  6. I always read, or at least leaf through, the manual. I registered that a “night” setting exists, but it never occurs to me to try it. I’ve played with the Portrait setting, and know that I have to switch from Auto to P (for programmed?) to use the flash or macro. But that’s about it, and I’ve owned this camera for how long, now?

  7. Just thinking about reading manuals makes me anxious! I consider it a major coup that I finally figured out (without a manual) how to start a blog and leave comments on other's blogs. I took all the pictures for it without reading the camera's manual. And I love your blog and thrilled that I can now leave comments!