Sunday, August 22, 2010

I see the moon and the moon sees me

 Photo taken from my front porch last evening

To read my blog I suppose you would think my life is stress-free and I have not a worry in the world. But you realize, don't you, that I just don't talk about the crummy stuff? The fact of the matter is we, like everyone, have our share of stinky garbage and crappy days. But, I have to tell you, the past week has been excellent!

Our new grandson is such a joy. His perfect little head, covered in silky, black hair, fits perfectly in my hand and he still fits against my chest like a little frog with his legs pulled up as if ready to leap. Baby smell, baby skin, baby breath—delicious. He responds to his sister's and his Dad's voices, turning toward them.  He blinks at the lights and gazes into his mother's face. It is amazing how hypnotic it is to simply watch him squirm and stretch and sigh into sleep.

Ray's brother, his wife, a friend and their daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren made a quick trip to Portland yesterday to go to a concert. We had a barbecue in the afternoon and they were able to meet the baby and visit briefly before they were off to the Rose Garden for the concert. Later the three elder members of the group came back to our house and we all sat outside, under that marvelous moon, around a fire and drank wine and told stories and laughed about our long-ago travels and adventures together 'til past midnight. They were off, back to Montana, after a decadent breakfast out this morning and Ray and I are lazing around here today. I am working on a few small chores. Ray is reading. I am savoring the week we have had. I feel like cutting it out of the calendar and tucking it away somewhere. It has been one to hold onto.


  1. Oh that moon, it made me pause last night when I got up to close the shutters.....something about the moon and it marking those special days....I still remember the moon the morning we took my mom to the hospital when she died, and the moon late in the afternoon of the day she died....not the celebration your moon is but they were magical and I still remember them 17 years later as if they were just last month.

  2. Yes, hold on, hold on tight! I always sang that song to my children before bedtime, just as my mother sang it to me:

    I see the moon, the moon sees me
    Shining down through the big oak tree
    Please let the moon that shines on me
    Shine on the one that I love

  3. Fabulous moon! and I hope you will sing that song to your new grandson. My granddaughter loves it and now, at 5, sings it to me.

  4. Oh lovely. And lovely that you have a blog to both capture the feelings and share them with us. That snuggly baby sense -- it's enough to make me miss children -- at least when they are still baby-smelling...

  5. We had a day that we saved. We pulled it out over the years and enjoyed it by remembering. We called it our Golden Day.
    I just realized, when I read your beautiful post tonight, that you really can cut them out of a calendar and tuck them away.
    I still have that Golden Day even though everyone I was with that day (except my youngest son) is gone now.
    Thank you, Terry.

  6. Very nice, thanks for sharing.

  7. Remember the comments about the MOON in Moonstruck? I loved that movie.
    A perfect life; free and easy is always easy to see from someone else's perspective.

  8. It is these special times that define a life, that provide the glue. Shared memory made new in the telling of story; shared benchmarks, crystallized as people come together to mark them; shared transitions, made smoother or more joyful as people come together as family or community.
    Sad or happy times - it is always in the togetherness that they are lived fully, isn't it?
    Thank you Terry.