Friday, August 20, 2010

The object #14 carved wood car model

Carved by a prisoner in an Ecuadorean prison. Doesn't it seem strange that a prisoner would be allowed to possess something sharp enough to carve this? It is amazingly intricate with many moving parts, including both doors, front and back hatches and the seat reclines. Clever fellow earns money to buy food and necessities to augment the meager prison provisions by selling these to people visiting other prisoners.


  1. I'm curious to know the 'back story' - how did you come to see this nifty work? How very talented the man is (and I wonder why he is in prison - seems like he could be gainfully employed elsewhere, given his obvious talent!:)

    :) Linda

  2. The back story is really not all that interesting. Someone we know was visiting a prisoner and saw this man's work and purchased this piece for Ray. I believe the man who carved it was Hungarian and imprisoned in Ecuador on drug smuggling charges.

  3. Wow! its amazing model...thanks