Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Color of Summer

Is orange, I'm pretty sure. At least at our house. This year. We are surrounded by it and it makes me happy, happy.

Crocosmia and lilies and shasta daisies.

More lilies.


Nasturtiums and agapanthus.

More nasturtiums. (you can't have too many.)

Wildflower mix with lots of California poppies.

Can't remember what these are called.

And out in the studio more orange. I am trying to finish up Marco's quilt for his birthday next month. It matches the garden.


  1. Yes, orange is the color of summer. Lovely flowers, great quilt for the birthday boy. Del

  2. Marco's quilt is gorgeous! I love the blue and orange together. Your gardens are so very beautiful. I really like the orange and yellow striped lily. I picked up a trailing lantana this year and it is really fun with violet petunias. (Your Mother Earth quilt is wonderful. It really touched my soul.) Have a great week!

  3. Definitely summery! And what a happy quilt for Marco!

  4. Love the colors in your quilt! The garden photos are so lovely! Thanks!

  5. This post made me smile. It was a standing joke that my Daddy only knew two flower names. As far as he was concerned, it was either a rose or a nasturtium. I honestly don't think he ever saw a nasturtium in his life (they are not common in Alabama). it exasperated my mother no end. He has been dead for nearly forty years and I thank you for a happy memory as well as the lovely pictures.