Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nice news

I have been working pretty steadily to finish four  "elements" themed pieces to submit for our next High Fiber Diet show. I got word today that all four were accepted. That was really nice to hear and I also learned today that I have a buyer for one of them, which is extra nice. Here are the four pieces, finished.

I finally finished Marco's quilt and something special to go with it. I will post those later so as not to spoil the surprise for him. I know he reads my blog. (He is bright for two years old—yeah.)

This afternoon I was at my computer and something out the back window caught my eye. Can you see it?

Yup, a deer. In the backyard. He seemed to be checking out the kids' toys and the sandbox. Awfully pretty deer, but pretty brazen to be so near to the house like that.

I shooed him away and he trotted down the driveway, but stopped to look back at me before scampering off into the brush. I haven't checked to see how many roses he ate.


  1. Your elements quilts are great - too bad they can't stay together. Which one is sold?

  2. Fire is the one that is sold.

  3. These are stunning.

  4. Love the four pieces

  5. This are all wonderful!

  6. Anonymous10:00 AM

    All lovely quilts, though Fire is my favorite. Your new studio space seems to have lead to great productivity.

    I seldom comment, but do truly enjoy your blog.


  7. Are you going to the Long Beach Quilt Show? I was on the Twelve by Twelve blog and they said Terry was coming and was wondering if I might get to meet you. Love your work.