Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall is here

I have been in denial, but I have to accept that summer is over and fall is here. The leaves are not yet doing much here, but this brilliantly be-berried hawthorne, seen on our walk this morning was a clue. We turned on the furnace today. It was just darned chilly around here when we got up today.

I spent much of last week at the Northwest Quilting Expo where all the Twelve by Twelve quilts were being shown. I didn't take pictures, but Gerrie did. You can see them on her blog if you haven't yet seen enough of the Twelve by Twelve quilts. I ended up making the trip across the city to the Expo Center five times during the course of the show. When I discovered that they were charging $8 to park, each time, I decided to make most of my trips by MAX light rail, our public transportation system here in Portland. Somehow traveling across the city this way seems like a bit of an adventure, especially in people watching, but also it gives me a view of the city I don't see from the driver's seat of my car. There is an old part of Portland, a little grimy, a little rundown, that the train runs through and I have enjoyed seeing lovely old houses that may have seen better days, and old hotels and motels along a street that used to be a main thoroughfare, but no longer. I see a lot of old people in those neighborhoods and suppose they have been there a long time. I love crossing the Willamette river that divides the city and watch for big ships, dragon boats, sailboats. One day as we crossed I saw one of the bridges just up river open for a big boat. Many of the bridges lift or open, but it is surprisingly rare to see them in that position.

Last week's show was the last time all the Twelve by Twelve quilts will be shown all together. The Colorplay series will go to Australia for a show and the Theme series will go back to the artists. They are stacked in my studio and I will start sorting and packing them up later this week.

I am still thinking about the class I took and pondering where I go from here. I turned down an invitation to submit work to a themed show this week. I had to gulp twice and hope I was doing the right thing. It is a good show, but I knew it would be a big commitment and distraction from my refocusing efforts. I feel like I am making a change, but at this point it is all in my head.


  1. Stick to your guns- I'm in the same boat trying to remember to say no to things that do not help my new direction- it's hard!!

  2. I think Fall is a fine time to keep change in your head. Ponder and contemplate and gather strength. When it's ready, it will come out -- just like the crocus in spring. Maybe.

  3. "I feel like I am making a change, but at this point it is all in my head." Yup, that's where it starts. Pack up those 12x12's, go out and take a ton more photos, listen to music that really speaks to you, have several chats with Thor (he looks like a good listener!)and pretty soon those creative brain cells will start to turn in a new and exciting direction. we can hardly wait to see where your head leads you!

  4. I had so wanted to see the 12s together, but was triple booked the whole weekend and couldn't get there. (Teeny rant - what's UP with ending at 5pm on weekdays??? Surely ONE day could have been 'til 7pm! end rant)

    Good for you saying No to the theme show. Explore this new change place where you are. The theme shows will be there when you are ready.

    Happy Fall!

  5. I'm catching up on blogs as the internet here in the mts works better in the morning. And I'm thinking about your new "intention" -- wondering where you'll go. With the studio set up, a routine that allows you to work, the fall which, as Kristin says, feels like time to start anew -- well, it's all there, just ahead, with only a thin transparency between you and it. I'll watch eagerly to see how you bound (or approach with caution or tear or kick or use scissors on or carefully undo with fingers) the new space in your art.