Saturday, September 15, 2012

New Gig

I was asked to be a contributing artist for the Sketchbook Challenge blog. I will be posting a couple times a month, responding to the theme of the month. This month's theme is "pattern" which suits me to a T. I posted my first post last week. I am working on another pattern post which will go up later. I am looking forward to this! I have been following the Sketchbook Challenge since they started. I figured when they first got going that it would be all about drawing, which excited me. I discovered that some of the posts are about drawing but many are about all kinds of artwork and artist journals. Look for the little Sketchbook challenge graphic in my sidebar. It is a link to the blog.

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  1. Anonymous5:39 AM

    I went over to The Sketchbook Challenge and read your article. The 'doodles' that you shared are wonderful and exciting. I'm so NOT an artist, but your sketches look very art deco to me. Whatever they are, they're terrific!!