Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Shoes and other things

So you thought I was going to paint my ugly shoes. Really??
You thought that was something I would do?

I guess I have seen some kind of cool painted shoes, but no, I wouldn't wear them.

 I once saw a pair of painted shoes in Las Vegas that were amazing. They cost $300, and I seriously thought they were amazing. They had Venus Rising from the Sea painted on them. But I didn't buy them.

Nope. You can paint your shoes if you want, but I'm too self-conscious for painted shoes. Too "ain't I cute?" for me. I can't believe you thought I was going to paint those shoes.

I wouldn't mind owning a pair of these, though.

Another little piece today. I made it from rejects. It pays to keep this stuff. This one is 8" square.


  1. No, those designs are not you. I would expect, however, something in the lines of the woven pair you like. Subtle and refined.
    Sweet little bluebird!


  2. I think it's all in the design.Flowers or hearts? No..

    As soon as sandal weather departs I'll be wearing these on a regular basis again (they held up well). I've only gotten polite/pleasant comments from interesting people and a couple of inquiries about "doing" their kicks, none serious.
    Mine make me feel Magical.


  3. But now that the painting shoes seed has been planted in your brain, I bet you COULD some up with a subtle, refined way to paint shoes you would love to wear...Just sayin'! I love your "reject" bird!

  4. Well, those aren't you, but this one reminds me of a piece that you did.

  5. i would be more impressed if you painted your feet!