Monday, March 18, 2013

Headed toward the finish...

So, the "boring part", ie the quilting of the red umbrellas piece is finished and the end is in sight. After all the quilting was finished I had some details to add. First were the railings on the upstairs balconies, which you may not have even known were supposed to be there.

I used a heavy black thread to stitch the railings on those balconies. I marked the top rail and the places where the little round bumps happen in the spokes of the railing, so they would all line up more or less, then just started stitching, using my free-motion foot with the feed dogs down. Once those were done I headed down below to the chairs and using the same thick black thread, I added the legs and supports to the chairs.

I also added the table bases and the poles and finials for the umbrellas after the quilting was finished.

This afternoon I squared it all up and trimmed the piece. I started adding the facing and the sleeve. The next time you see this it will be finished.

On a different note...

I was really concerned to read that Google Reader is being shut down. It has been my favorite way of keeping up with all the blogs I read. When I discovered their "next" button I knew I had found the perfect tool. It allowed me to read all my blogs, showing only the ones I had not yet read, and with "next" it took me directly to the actual blog, so I was seeing the whole design and all the comments. It was great. Now I am looking for a replacement. Feedly seems to be popular, so I am trying it out. Happily I could import all my blog links from Reader to Feedly with no problem. The interface is nice enough, but it is the kind that does not show the blog design, just the content. It also does not show comments and to leave a comment you have to click through to the blog itself. Little bit annoying. So, if you come across a great reader that allows you to see the blog as it really is, along with the comments, let me know.


  1. I just made the switch to Bloglovin'. It also has an app (which I'm using now), and it lets you comment without having to click through to the website. So far I'm liking it better than Reader!

    I've enjoyed watching your quilt progress, BTW. Do you ever teach?

  2. I'm lovin' Feedly, but my blog reading pattern is different from yours. I haven't checked out Open in Website Directly on the Tools menu, but I'm assumin' that doesn't do what you want...?

    One thing that impresses me about this current piece is how much detail you manage to include -- architectural, furniture, etc. -- without having it appear too fussy or confusing.

  3. I LOVE this piece of yours ... A LOT!

    I've been using Feedly, too (both web version and the app for iPhone/iPad) and like it quite a lot ... except I, too, wish I could comment without that extra click over to the blog. They seem pretty open to suggestions for new functionality ... and this was mine.

  4. Thanks for bringing up the issue of new RSS feed readers. I used to use Bloglines before Google, but have been dreading going back to it. I will be interested to see what consensus develops on where to move. I'd be grateful if you let readers know which tool you decide to use.

  5. I have tried both Bloglovin and Feedly and...meh...I just don't like either of them. I loved having the full post in Reader. Hate seeing just a little chunk and having to click to open the full blog to see the rest of the post. Hope someone comes up with one that has the full posts or I fear I shall be reading way less than I used to..sigh...

  6. Question about the heavy black thread for the balcony railings.What weight/size did you use?