Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Judith's Garden

This piece was created in 2005 for a guild challenge on the theme "the unexpected". The original title was "Judith's garden was unexpectedly successful this year". The use of one of the printed floral fabrics, designed by Jane Sassaman, was part of the challenge. I added additional Jane Sassamon florals, individually cutting out the floral motifs to combine into a new floral design.

The figure of Judith is my own design, created in Illustrator and inkjet printed onto cotton fabric.  The fused composition was layered and machine stitched and quilted. This piece was the first place winner in the challenge competition and one of the pieces I have most enjoyed making in all of my quiltmaking experience.

Though a favorite, Judith languished in my closet for several years, then Virginia Spiegel invited several artists to donate a quilt to be auctioned for her "FiberArt for a Cause" fundraiser for Cancer research. I knew this was a wonderful opportunity for Judith to go out into the world and do some good. She was purchased through the auction by Del Thomas, who had already purchased at least one small piece of mine. Del is a collector who lives in Placentia, California. She has since become a dear friend and was the generous angel who made the Twelve by Twelve exhibits possible in Houston, Cincinnati and Long Beach. As the owner of the Thomas Contemporary Quilt Collection, Del is the friend of quilt artists everywhere. A couple years ago, because of her longtime support and patronage, the Visions Art Museum in San Diego named one of their galleries for her.

Right now, one of the exhibits at the Visions Art Museum is "Recent Acquisitions from the Thomas Contemporary Quilt Collection" and Judith is a part of the exhibit. I'm so proud of her! If you are in the area you can see it there until January 19. Information here: http://visionsartmuseum.org/calendar-dtl.asp?calID=153

So, perhaps you are wondering who Judith is? She is no one, in fact. I designed the face and put the quilt together. The first time my friend Beth saw it she asked what the gardener's name was. I confessed I hadn't thought of a name yet. I had referred to her only as "garden lady." "She looks like a Judith," said Beth. And Judith she is.


  1. There's the answer to your recent queries, "...I most enjoyed making." Just saying.

  2. Thanks for the good words, Terry. I wish everyone could see the awesome exhibit at Visions Art Museum in San Diego - it lasts until 01-19-14. Such beautiful work by 21 different contemporary artists makes my heart sing. Judith is in good company. Del

  3. It's a wonderful piece. I'm not surprised you enjoyed making it.

  4. It's fabulous art! I love it and thanks for sharing. You are right, Judith she is.

  5. My son lives in San Diego and on a visit I persuaded him to accompany me to the Visions Art Museum. He thought we were going to see a bunch of bed quilts and was prepared to be bored stiff. Instead we were treated to the incredible Art Meets Science exhibit and we were both blown away by the works in that show. He said it was the best art show he had ever seen and his wife agreed. I wish I were going to be there before January so that I could see your Judith in person.