Saturday, November 30, 2013

We are in Cuenca

On Thursday we flew from Quito to Cuenca in the evening—less than an hour flying time. It was Thanksgiving in the US and we were enjoying the pictures of turkeys and pie that our friends were posting on Facebook and feeling maybe a little regret at missing our favorite holiday. Our son-in-law's mother and sister met us at the airport and we arrived to their home to find more of the family and a full-on Thanksgiving dinner awaiting us. Given that the holiday is unknown In Ecuador and the turkey and traditional meal are not at all common fare in Ecuador, this was an amazing effort on their part and such a sweet and generous thing to do that we were very touched. This is a wonderful family.

We will be here for a few more days and are having a great time in this great city. Cuenca, a Unesco World Heritage site, is Ecuador's most beautiful city, filled with grand Spanish colonial buildings and beautiful plazas and churches. Our first outing, the day after we arrived, was to go to the city market with Chela, Cayo's mother. It is the most colorful, clean and bounteous market I have ever seen.

Just the beginning...

Chela checks the corn.

Fruits familiar and unfamiliar. I think the big prickly ones are guanabana.

Potatoes of all kinds.

"Chancho" is the Quechua word for pig and used instead of puerco in Ecuador. Whole roast pig, like this is called hornado. She can carve off as much, and whichever parts you want. She will pull off a bit of meat for you to taste. It is so delicious! (But the head really grosses me out) Note the curled tail intact.

Beans and delicious "tostado"—roasted corn.

Tree tomatoes, the source of that wonderful juice.

A feast for the eyes and the palate. Buen provecho!

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  1. How absolutely special! Would have loved to accompanied you both to the market. I think you missed one of the keys to Thanksgiving that so many families seem to insist upon...drama, and replaced it with what the day is truly all about -gratitude! Thought of all of you often on Thursday. Tell Andy the 'Hawks nailed it last night!