Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Quilting, quilting, quilting

I have been quilting the piece I am working on for the past two days.  Sometimes I refer to this as "the boring part" and sometimes it is, but it can also be kind of inspiring as I improvise the stitching design. This particular piece has some color combinations in it that are so pretty and fun to watch under the needle. In the end this is why I love working with fabric. The stitching transforms it. 

On a practical note, I find that I can manage quilting a big piece better if I can roll and/or fold the parts I am not currently working on to keep the quilt from dragging or hanging up on the table edge as I work. I have tried pinning it, using clothes pins and even bicycle clips to manage it. None of these worked very well. Awhile back I found some little clips that worked pretty well, but they didn't prove to be sturdy enough and most had broken, so I went looking for something to replace them. 

I found these at Harbor Freight—same basic design, but a little bigger and sturdier.  They worked great! (And were very affordable at .59 each). Thought I'd pass that info along....


  1. Those clamps are great for shibori dyeing too!

    1. and for clamping out a quilt to a table for basting if you are restricted on floor space (or your knees protest!)

  2. Can't wait to see this piece- the color is intriguing!