Sunday, November 29, 2015

Phone photos

Recent photos on my phone show the deepening of our late autumn. With the rain the leaves are darkening, the shadows are deep blue-gray and the skies have turned to soft, liquid watercolor blends. This season is, in my opinion, the most distinctly representative of the Pacific Northwest. It is rich and earthy and fragrant with fir and cedar and rain.


When the clouds lift, the morning sun comes in sideways, creating patterns across the carpet and highlighting every dust mote and dirty window.

Yesterday I went out to run some errands and driving home in the late afternoon I was transfixed by the view of a soft focus, distant Mt. Hood against that gorgeous pink/blue sky. When I got to the crest of Cooper Mountain I had to stop and just enjoy the view for a few minutes.

This afternoon I'm back in my studio, after a week including our Columbia Gorge getaway and Thanksgiving, and very little studio time. I am thinking, for the first time this year, about Christmas. I saw instructions online for a 5-pointed origami star, so the first thing I did was to see if I could make one.

Neat, huh? (Instructions here)

Now I am back at work on the Quito quilt.

This part is going to take awhile.



  1. Enjoyed this post so much. The visuals are amazing, and I can almost smell the earth and trees! Also loving the QUITO quilt. Thank you.

  2. The clouds on your Quito quick are super!