Wednesday, July 19, 2006

June's fabric give-away

My friend, June Underwood, decided she was never again going to piece quilts, using commercial fabrics, so, in a bold move, decided to put all her unneeded fabric out on her porch this morning and invite local quilt artists to come and take what they wanted. She did have a smaller table of more desireable pieces that she was selling, as well.

The small table in the front holds the pieces she had put aside thinking they might be of special interest to me. I made a few selections from that offering, then I got into the next table of prints where I found some interesting pieces. The back table were all wools, which held no interest for me.

Here, June is ironing fabric at the far end of the porch. No wrinkled old rags—presentation is everything. As she was ironing this beautiful piece of dyed silk, she was saying, "maybe I ought to keep this one..." Ironing always makes it look better.

This kind of fabric sale or give-away seems to occur fairly frequently as fiber artists become enamored of producing their own fabrics and no longer find the commercial prints appealing. Fortunately for me I still like using commercial prints, so I have been the recipient of several nice fabric windfalls. I showed, I think, remarkable restraint and only took what most appealed to me. I kept thinking about the huge bag of fabric from my stash that recently went to S.C.R.A.P.

Here's what I brought home. What is that lavender piece doing in there? What was I thinking?


  1. So glad you brought your camera. I forgot mine. Even Milo found fabric - fireworks, spaceships, sports stuff and a pattern for clothes for his bear. Mia was thrilled with all the stuff June gave her. And Steph picked up lots of those wool pieces for her softies. I came away with some nice handdyes and a quilt top that I will finish for my old guild's community quilt program.

  2. Oh my, I always seem to be living in the wrong part of the country to take advantage of these kinds of occasions. Glad you got some good stuff.

  3. Anonymous9:41 PM

    Terry, I think you got my photo up before I finished ironing the silk piece -- which I did indeed set aside for my own use.

    The fabric is all gone to good homes. I met a number of young poverty stricken artists, as well as somewhat older quilters. And the last of the cottons went to a church quilting group, while the rest of the wools went to my carpenter/artist friend, Jennifer.

    And it was great to meet family members of Terry, Gerrie, and Sharon Bass, as well as friends of friends of cousins of friends.

  4. Looks like a great time, wish I could have been there!