Saturday, July 01, 2006

July, already. I guess summer is really here.

I decided I wanted to make a few more small pieces for the Japanese Garden Show. These are the latest. Plums and apricot and ginger jar. The fabric part is about 5" square, then I have mounted them on 8" square pieces of colored mat board. For the sale I will wrap in cellophane and they will go in a display bin with other small pieces like the postcards some of the other artists are doing for the sale.

My workspace is upstairs under the roof and it gets hot up there in this hot weather. (I think calling a spare bedroom jam-packed with fabric and sewing machines and quilts a "studio" sounds a little pretentious . . .) So I have the window open and then little bits of fabric blow around when a breeze comes by. The iron makes it even hotter and even the sewing machine seems to be throwing off heat. Maybe that is why so many of my fellow Northern Hemisphere bloggers seem to be in the summer doldrums and not producing much. I'm about ready to adopt that "fiddle-dee-dee" attitude and be done with this last minute stuff and on to a summer laden with promise.

We're heading to the mountains and a family reunion for a few days. When I get back we'll hang the Japanese Garden Show. My daughter and son-in-law will arrive from Ecuador in 11 days to live in Portland. We will welcome them with such excitement and then we will have a big party! The job I am so very tired of doing will be passed off to someone else before the summer ends and I will have the gift of time to do more satisfying things.

Good things are on their way. I am ready.


  1. Anonymous8:39 PM

    Hooray, hooray! And I like your plums. June

  2. family reunions, parties, some of my favorite things :) have fun, stay cool, and nice pieces for the show!

  3. These are lovely, Terry.

  4. Yeah! Can't wait for you to have more time with moi!! I love, love your little pieces.

  5. Beautiful little quilts and a very nice presentation with the matting.

  6. Anonymous8:00 AM

    any artist has a RIGHT to a studio.
    no matter how small.

    i think you get to call the garret room a studio if you'd like


  7. These are beautiful, especially like the plums