Saturday, July 15, 2006

Reasons not to blog

I have been ignoring my blog this week. I've had better things to do.

This picture is my daughter, Emily, and my son-in-law Carlos, (we call him "Cayo") taken at lunch in the backyard just a little while ago. They arrived from Quito, Ecuador this past Tuesday night and we have been just enjoying their company. They will be with us until they find a place to live in Portland.

I think one of the most gratifying things in life is getting to know your children as adults and discovering that they are great people—people you want as friends. And equally gratifying when they choose to marry people about whom you feel the same. We are lucky people.

They went out for the afternoon, so I can talk about them behind their backs.

Emily is responsible and hardworking and funny and fun to be with. She hit the ground running and is checking things off her list. She lived and taught in Ecuador for 4 years and we visited often. I knew she was as safe as one can be there, but I feel a sense of relief that she is here now, and will be for the foreseeable future.

Have you ever seen the place you live through the eyes of someone from a different country and culture? This is Cayo's first time in the United States. He has, this week, tasted his first Starbucks and been both amazed, and then amused, at the fact that they are EVERYWHERE you turn in this city. Raccoons in our backyard were an exotic wildlife experience. A trip through the U-Scan lane at the grocery store last night turned into a fiasco with both Emily and Cayo baffled by the confusing directions and beeping technology. It ended badly with an officious, ass of a clerk barking at Cayo, "take your hands off the bag and step away from the machine!!" I think we're laughing about it today. Overall, I am impressed with Cayo's good humor and easygoing acceptance of a whole new way of life.

I'm so happy they are here.


  1. Anonymous5:53 PM

    I had to be walked through the U-Scan several times before I felt confident enough to solo! And I still see people getting ready to fling the carton of cottage cheese at that nice lady who won't stop repeating, "Place the item in the bag." "Place the item in the bag!" "Place the item..." as they yell back at her, "I did! It's IN the bag! What ARE you talking about?!" Those stupid things are anything but fast or convenient. So, congratulations to Em and Cayo for at least trying.
    I'm getting anxious to see Em and meet Cayo. (And I'm glad to see you back blogging--it's been a dull week without you!)

  2. Anonymous6:49 PM

    Hi to Emily and welcome to Cayo. And it's lovely to see their faces. June

  3. NO surprise that your daughter and son in law are lovely :) Lovely breeds lovely.
    ps so pleased to see a happy end to the Grand Razor Wire Protest of 2006 (Yes, child, I was there. I saw it all.)

  4. Anonymous11:10 PM

    U-scan at the grocery store? Oh, I have been away too long. I would be completely out of my element, like Emily and Cayo. Last time I was back in the States I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of productys in the stores. And by the wideness of the streets. Oh, and the hugeness of the cars.

  5. A few years ago I had one of those "Oh, my!" moments when I realized that God's gift to parents is adult children.

    I am really looking forward to seeing Em and meeting Cayo.

  6. You've said it well. Getting to know your adult children and their significant others is one of later life's perks.

    Kudos to you for raising young people who are interesting, creative and productive citizens.

    Now sit back and reap the benefits! They look like a lovely couple.

  7. what a nice picture. Can't wait to meet them. I agree with the notion of seeing your children as adults and having a different relationship. Sometimes I slip, but I try not to be THE MOM!