Monday, May 04, 2009

Another rainy day

We were doing some landlord things at our old house today and drove home in the darnedest rainstorm. It was the kind where you had to turn your car wipers on as fast as they would go—that setting that you almost never use—and I could still barely see the road. We got home to find our creek swollen higher and wider than we've ever seen it.

Ray just planted some of our nice native plant finds on the creek banks. They may be goners.

I put up some shelves in my sewing room yesterday and celebrated by making a small piece, using the trillium photo I took a couple weeks ago as inspiration.

It was fun to do and went together quickly. I have been thinking about small images used in a more abstract setting. I think the trillium might be a little wimpy and overpowered.


  1. A Georgia O'Keefe type close up on a background like that could be fabulous though.

  2. Wasn't that rain amazing? I had my wipers where they never go as well, and was watching rivers flow through the streets on my way home from work....

  3. Lovely! The trillium isn't wimpy, but possibly overpowered. However, if you hadn't said it, I wouldn't have thought it. You make great quilts.

  4. Terry, I love the quilt. I like the repetition of threes - three petals, three leaves, three stripes, three blocks.

    BTW - we need to get you to TX. We never get to use the low setting on our wipers here. It's always the high setting and we're slowing down to see with the waterfalls coming down the windshield in between swipes.