Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Fiberarts for a Cause

Today is the first day of Virginia Spiegel's "Collage Mania" online event. It is an opportunity to buy a wonderful piece of collage art and benefit the American Cancer Society. With similar events, Virginia has raised more than $170,000 for cancer research over the past few years. Every cent that is donated for the purchase of a piece of art goes to the ACS. There are no operating expenses, no mailing expenses—everything is donated. I have really felt great about contributing to her events over the past few years.

This is my collage, "Letter from Mexico" that I donated this year. You can see all the donated pieces here. Mine is on page 20. All pieces are either 8"x10" or mounted on something that size. Today each piece sells for $80. Tomorrow the price drops to $40.

The piece is dedicated to my parents, who were each victims of cancer. It also celebrates a wonderful trip to Mexico. It seems ironic to me that it is the piece I donated just now as Mexico is struggling with so many problems. So many times this winter I have awakened to rain, snow, cold and thought "I wish I was in Mexico!" Well, not recently, but I do hope to return some day.


  1. Wonderful. And it creates hope. Great thing to do.

  2. What a great event to participate in. I would love to make something this beautiful!

  3. Terry - Your wonderful piece of art raised $100 for the American Cancer Society. Congratulations and thank you! Virginia