Friday, May 08, 2009

Let's try that again—

No comments on my "Marionberries". Hmmm. When I looked at the post this morning I thought, "what an awful photo!" That's what happens when I decide to take a picture at night with ambient lighting. I don't usually use my flash, preferring to use available light, but clearly what was available wasn't very good. I took the piece outside this morning and took another shot.

Much better, I think. More accurate anyway. Here's the old one:

What was I thinking?

Well, maybe you still have nothing to say about this piece. Was it a mistake to make those berries so much bigger than life? Do they look, instead, like bloated bunches of grapes? And the plaid. That was quite unplanned, but as I was pulling possible backings out of my stash I came upon the plaid and when I piled things up I sort of liked a bit of it sticking out around the outside. It seemed to finish it, but I was dubious. That plaid dates back to my short-lived, late '80s "country cottage" phase.

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