Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A quick trip

Last week Ray and I took a quick trip south to Roseburg, Oregon to see the High Fiber Diet Line Dance show at the Umpqua Valley Art Association. We stopped in Oakland, Oregon for lunch at Tolley's, which has been a favorite place for years. The little town of Oakland is very Historic and looks like it did in the 1800's. Tolleys is in a wonderful old building on the main street. On this visit we found the food only fair, the service not great and the news that the business is for sale. Now I see on their web site that they are planning to raffle it off. Sad. It seems a sign of the times.

I remember the first time we stopped at Tolly's, shortly after moving to Ashland, Oregon. Our kids were very small and we were on our way to Portland to take the train back to Idaho for Christmas. The food was so good and the restaurant was beautifully decorated for Chistmas. We still have a Christmas ornament purchased at Tolley's on that trip. They used to have antiques and gifts in this part of the building, which is now a bar.

Sitting outside on the sidewalk was this old trunk. I have one just like it at home.

After leaving Oakland, we went on to Roseburg and found the Art Association Gallery. I think the community building was once a school, turned into a bustling art center. The art gallery is beautiful and our work looked pretty great, I have to say!

left to right, work by Amy Hahn, Carol Heist, me, Laura Jennings and Zee Wilks

On the plexi screen left to right, work by Karen Miller, Mary Goodsen. On the back wall left of the screen two of my pieces, right of screen Mary Arnold, Shirley MacGregor and Amy Hahn

left to right, work by Georgia French, Mary Goodsen, Carol Heist and me

It was fun to read the comments in the guest book—all positive and the staff seemed very enthusiastic about our show. So nice to feel appreciated! The show runs through June 5. If you are going north or south through Oregon on I-5 stop in Roseburg. The gallery is just a few blocks off the interstate.


  1. Your tree has a good place! In the center of the spotlight and with the sound of the fountain in the background, it seems to be part of a very peaceful atmosphere. I wish you a lot of success!

  2. The show looks good. We were in Oregon several years ago and noticed the same thing about some tonws along the coast as well. We did a big loop starting in Ashland and wound up through Portland and down to Eugene. We have some of the same vacancy thing here in Northern, CA. I do love that small town feel though:)

  3. The work looks wonderful. Nice surroundings for a show and good lighting.

    It's sad when you return to a place and find it a bit bleak. We have a lot of that here. Especially in the upstate area. It's a shame that some places have become downright shabby.

  4. The show looks great. I wish I could see it in person, but alas, I have no plans to get to Oregon before November.