Friday, May 01, 2009


Today I went over to my daughter's house to take some photos for my son-in-law. Carlos and Emily were married in Ecuador and moved to the U.S. nearly three years ago. Carlos was an architect in Ecuador and also a painter. Since moving here he has not been able to work in architecture, but is working toward an architectural job by studying English and American construction methods and standards. He just started a blog to show his artwork and eventually some of his architecture work. That's what I was taking pictures for.

Here is a painting he finished recently based on a photograph of my daughter and granddaughter in the swimming pool. I think it is really a lovely painting.

He made wonderful paintings of animals of the Ecuadorean jungle for Sofia's bedroom walls. They are on primed canvas, cut to shape and applied to the walls. Here is the parrot.

Hop on over to his blog and check out some of his other work. And yes, he does do commissions!


  1. Wow! That painting of Sofia and her mom is wonderful. It surely is your beautiful little granddaughter

  2. Your s-i-l's painting reminds me of Rivera's murals! I is very "latin". Great expression! He zoomed a bit onto the child's ear, could that be? I know this happens in painting portraits, happened to me, too.

  3. That is gorgeous work! So beautiful I'll have to go check out his page!