Thursday, June 17, 2010

A day

I have been able to spend most all of today working on my quilt. What a luxury. Ray was gone all day. I didn't have to babysit. I was here, alone, working on my quilt today. I finally assembled all the pieces and parts, layered it and began to quilt. Blessed sunshine poured in through the window.

I really began to feel like I was getting on top of life in general today. I have a deadline for this piece and then there is another I need to get to work on for a deadline. But there is a lot of life getting in the way.

Yesterday I picked up my granddaughter to keep for a few hours while her mom and dad got some end-of-the-school-year work done in my daughter's classroom. My daughter will be changing schools next year and having a baby in August, so she has a lot on her plate right now. I am trying, with limited success, not to take on her stress along with my deadline anxieties.

Anyway, my granddaughter met me at the door with her doll in her arms and big plans. "Grandma, we can make Tati some clothes." I had mentioned to her the day before that her doll needed some clothes and "one of these days" we would make some. Now she was ready for those clothes. "Go to the room where you make things" she said. I had to explain that I just couldn't do it right now. I had to make dinner, for one thing. She cried. She has been promised a lot of things and her three-year-old brain doesn't quite grasp time concepts. The baby brother that is coming won't be here for a couple of months. The dance classes don't start for another week, despite the fact that she has the shoes and the leotard and the enthusiasm. Her mama keeps telling her she will take her to the park and play with her as soon as school is out for the summer—still a week away. And I have promised doll clothes.

Today went really well. I can see the end of this quilt in sight and know that deadline will be met. As to the other deadline, I'm thinking doll clothes might be a higher priority.


  1. And I have textured pieces like berber that might be great for collars and coats, if Grandma needs help fulfilling her promise. Just let me know. Cuz the stuff Grandma's make for our dolls are special, still have some my Grandma made at least 45 yrs ago.

  2. The other Gerrie has doll clothes made by her own mother. I do not have the patience for making little things like doll clothes. I think it skips a generation. My mother knitted the most amazing Barbie clothes.

    I digress. I wanted to say that I could feel your angst over Sofia's needs not being met. You are really lucky to have as much time with her as you do. I know that Tati will have fantastic clothes, soon.

  3. Right on with the doll clothes.
    On a separate note, I enjoyed seeing you yesterday and showing you your very own art.

  4. Hey, you could make Tati a purple and yellow outfit and kill two birds with one stone!!

    In all seriousness though, I bet you could make Sofia very happy with a ruffly, tiered sundress with straps that tie over the shoulders and be done in an hour or less, then move on to your next deadline, and make fancier clothes later. My daughter likes to dump stuffed animals in my lap for new hats, capes or outfits and it amazes me how even the super simple solutions meet her needs. :-)

  5. I have several dolls that my grandma made for me nearly 40 years ago. The whole doll - about 2 feet high and complete with yarn hair and embroidered faces. Set in sleeve dresses (with slips!) and matching panties. They're about 40 years old now.

    Like Kristin said, you can make a couple of simple things and then some fancier ones later.

    "Go to the room where you make things." I love it. :)