Thursday, June 24, 2010

Distracted by real life

I have ignored the online communities of blogs and Facebook this week. We have visitors. Our niece, Melissa and her two kids are visiting. Melissa is the one who was born on the same day our daughter Emily was born, and like Emily, she is a teacher and the mother of a little girl and a little boy, as Emily will soon be. It is always fun to see the cousins that we enjoyed so much when they were children, bringing their own children to visit. Yesterday we took these cuties to the Oregon Zoo.

The sun has finally returned to Oregon and yesterday was a perfect summer day. The kids had a great time. Sofia loved hanging out with the big kids and copied every move Anna made. The adults had fun too. I love taking pictures of the animals. Don't ask me why. I always take my camera. I liked the underwater exhibits where you can see the tops of the ducks and the paddly feet going to town below the surface.

This crocodile (or is it a caiman?) creeped me out. He did not move a muscle the whole time we were watching him.

And, really, can anyone with a camera resist hippos and zebras?

I hope you are allowing the real world to get you out from in front of your computer occasionally. I recommend it!


  1. I LOVE the hippos!! The Daily Squee had some baby hippos a while back. Soooo cute.

    Isn't the yellow orb wonderful? :)

  2. These are great shots even though I don't much like the idea of zoos. The children are adorable!

  3. It's the walruses and the polar bears that I can't resist. I miss the Tacoma Zoo...