Thursday, January 27, 2011

The bird class...

has come and gone.

I headed out through the fog this morning and stopped along the way to buy a latte for the drive. I love driving through the Oregon countryside. Even in the fog, maybe especially in the fog, it is misty, damp, green, beautiful. It took me a little more than an hour to get to the Oregon Garden Resort where my Bird class was scheduled.

The room was set up with tables, extension cords, ice water and an ironing board and iron. Perfect. I had two enthusiastic students, Carol and Susan.

I really enjoyed both of them and we had a good class, I think. It was nice to work with just two people. I was able to keep a close eye on their progress and add my two cents worth when I saw it was needed. It was a good way to see if other people could follow my directions and understand what I was describing.  I was really pleased to see how well their birds turned out. Maybe they were extra talented students.

Here is Susan's bird.

It looked like a robin with paisley wings.

Here is Carol's bird.

Her purple fabrics were pretty gorgeous. She decided not to attach the wings just yet. We both thought some decorative stitching around the edges would help to set them off from the body fabric. Loved the quirky legs! Getting those little guys to balance on their scrawny legs is always a feat.

The facility was so good! The lodge at the Garden is only a couple of years old. Susan and her husband had rented a room and she reported that it was both economical (off-season rate) and charming and comfortable with a fireplace in the room. They served us a really nice lunch and a mid-afternoon coffee break with freshly-baked cookies. The lodge sits at the top of a hill overlooking the Oregon Garden and the views from the windows in our classroom was beautiful.

The other class, a Marsha McCloskey feathered star quilt class had more students than I did, but the third class was apparently canceled for lack of registration. This is the first year they have offered classes and I think there were two problems. I'm not sure the classes were well publicized and I think people were leary of bad weather in January. The Oregon Garden is a drive from anywhere. Well, the weather was nearly perfect today as it turned out, but you never know what January will hold. It could just as easily been snow or ice.

All in all, a good experience. Want to learn to make a bird? I'm available to teach!  Also, if you are in the vicinity, come see the quilt show this weekend. I am demonstrating my fusing technique Saturday morning at 11.


  1. Getting the birds to balance on their FEET is always a FEAT.
    Ha, ha -- a play on words.

    You got your feet wet teaching your first bird class. Good for you.

    My little Emma Bird is sitting here looking at me as I type this. She is so precious.

  2. I wish I could have attended this class!!! Timing just did not work. I am glad it went well and you are having a good time. I love the Oregon Garden's!

  3. Terry is a very good teacher. The class was such fun and I too liked the fact that there were only two of us. It gave time for a bit of conversation, a bit of getting to know something about each other. My husband and I drove from Spokane, only a blizzard would have kept me from meeting Terry! That was the most enjoyable part of the class for me.

    Susan Sawatzky

  4. I'm glad it went well! Lucky students to have you all to themselves! And the birds turned out beautifully!

  5. Terry, the birds are so charming! Your students got good results, their birds have a definite family resemblance to yours.

    thanks for stopping in at fringe notes earlier.

  6. I just sign up for your blog and it is interesting that I just made my first bird and have 6 more cut out. They are so cute. I think I will give them out as hostess gifts. I sure wish I lived in your area as was able to take the class.

  7. I'm still hopeful to learn how to make our precious birds some day. I hope your weather was as great as it was further down the coast in the SF Bay area, where we ended up.

  8. I would love to take your class, and my sewing guild is always looking for someone to present. I'll check with our board to see what they think. We seem to do a lot of garment-oriented things, but our member have lots of interests.

  9. This is SO adorable!!! Do you have an pattern for this? I want to make these birds so badly!!!