Sunday, January 23, 2011

A productive Sunday

I woke up this morning with a list in my head. Things that needed to be done. Time has gotten away from me, as it seems to do. My bird class is this coming week. Today I gathered up my supplies and got all my materials and samples ready.

I printed patterns and instructions sheets.

I printed the patterns on a variety of colors of card stock. I like to cut my patterns from card stock and trace around them. Colored pieces are easier to see and harder to lose. If each student has a different color they will know exactly which pieces are theirs.

In addition to teaching the class on Thursday, I am doing a demonstration of my fusing technique on Saturday. I needed a little project to use for the demo. Since I need to make a piece for my valentines this year, it seemed like I could kill two birds with one stone and use my valentine to demonstrate the technique. I came up with a design and pulled my materials together. Ready to go with my demo now.

I also started thinking about the next 12 x 12 colorplay challenge. The colors for this round are blue, green and brown. You can see them here. I think this is a popular decorator sort of color scheme right now. Not my cup of tea at all. Just not colors that appeal to me in any of their shades and tints, but that is why they call it a challenge, I keep reminding myself. Awhile back I bought a fat quarter of a print fabric that I thought might work well for one of my teacups or bowls that I was making. Remember those? I ran across the fabric today and realized it almost had the challenge colors. Here is the fabric.

Brown and blue for sure. The green is really more of a teal color. And the addition of that coral-y red and some gold added the warmth that I feel the color scheme needs. I used my Inktense permanent watercolor pencils to make the teal leaves more green.

Closer, I think.
The fabric may or may not end up in my 12 x 12 piece, but it has given me a little more positive feeling about the colors.


  1. Yes absolutely, your modifications with the Inktense makes the fabric much more palatable, and interesting. Good job!!

  2. The colored card stock is a great idea, Terry. Thanks!

  3. putabirdonit! I’m laughing....

  4. That is a really earthy set of colors-seems like they need a bit of a warming up though. Good luck with that:)

  5. You are amazing...I am learning so much by reading this blog!

  6. Preparing for classes is such a huge job! Keep it up. Your students are really going to appreciate all your attention to detail.

    I love the fabric modifications!

  7. Thanks for the comment re: giving each student their own coloured cardstock - what a great idea!

    I will definitely file that one for future use.

  8. Besides being Trendy with a capital T, those colors are hideous. What a shame. Good luck.

  9. The colors are similar to those used in your mountain blog banner, I think. (It could be my screen.)