Wednesday, January 05, 2011

I did my homework

So my post last night was a little controversial. Actually not that much, and I was pleased to get all the support comments, but I heard from one of the featured "Sketchbook Challenge" artists who seemed a little huffed that I expressed some disappointment in what I'd seen. I felt bad that she took my remarks personally and I let her know that and she responded that I had misunderstood what the Sketchbook Challenge was about. It is not about drawing. It is about sketchbooks.



Well, anyway, I am still on board and drawing. Lots of other folks are drawing too. More today. Still lots doing what I would call journaling. In sketchbooks. I guess. Whatever.

Here's today's drawing.

Yes, it's the same bracelet from yesterday's drawing. I took a simpler, contour drawing approach today. It is always interesting to draw the same object many times. You begin to really know how it goes together and anticipate the areas that need special care. I didn't quite anticipate the spacing of those teardrop-shaped stones well enough, however! I think I will draw this bracelet a few more times until I feel like I have really thoroughly explored it. (I can picture my friend Gerrie rolling her eyes and groaning! "Do I have to see this again?!")

Today was also the first day of the "Silly Drawing" class. I printed out my worksheet and did my homework. Here's my homework.

The puppy that is circled in red was printed on the sheet. The assignment was to use our non-dominant hand and copy the puppy as many times as we could in about five minutes. Well, the silly part is how impaired you feel drawing with the wrong hand! I know it looks pretty mild and not all that interesting, but you really do get a different sense of line and control. See that one at the bottom right? He's my favorite. I was finally gaining a little domination over my spazzy left hand.

And to round out my "good student" day, I finished my 12 x 12 quilt that will be revealed on January 12. (we gave ourselves a little extra time because of the holidays.) I can't show you the whole thing before the reveal, but here is a teensy peek.


  1. Re the Sketchbook Project: you mean there are RULES??????? A sketchbook has to fit a format????? I am in sooooooo much trouble (tongue firmly inserted in cheek.) My sketchbook is a sketchbook for me and I shall dance to my own drummer! :-) I liked your comments yesterday!

    I'm intrigued by the sneak peak of your 12x12 project.... Breathlessly anticipating the 1/12 reveal! (Hmm.... 12x12 .... seems it should ALWAYS be revealed on the 12th........kidding.....

  2. I'm starting to get nervous, this is looking way better than what I did with these colors. sigh.

  3. As a sketchbook student I give you an "A" for keeping an open mind and pencil...and for me I feel glad to hear that it is about the sketchbook...because, now I can go out and purchase the most beautiful sketchbook and call it accomplished! LOL gotta have a sense of humor about life!


  4. Anonymous7:17 AM

    Your non dominant hand drawing looks 100 times better than my dominant hand drawing.

    Sketching, drawing, doodling, who cares as long as you are enjoying yourself.

    p.s, I'm taking your bird class the end of January and looking forward to meeting you.

  5. I would just as soon eat mud as try to draw. Maybe that accounts for my lack of productivity.

    I can hardly wait to see your challenge revealed. The bit you showed looks very intriguing.

  6. Whew! I thought you had blocked me from leaving comments. I couldn't leave one using Firefox so opened up in Safari. I wanted to just leave a big old LOL!!

    I also am very intrigued by your eggplant sneak peek! It will be interesting to see these after all of our angst.

  7. I also wanted to say that if you are not getting in trouble for speaking honestly, then, you are not the Terry I know and love.

  8. I love it when you speak honestly, because then I don't have to! I say that with a big smirk, but so often you write exactly what I've been thinking. That silly class looks like fun, and a great antidote to some of the other options out there. I can only handle small doses of joining in stuff, so my drawings will be haphazard and not posted -- but will please both my mentors! I'll try to draw more (which you will undoubtedly approve of) and I will not post it (which will please Gerrie)!! :-)

  9. I love this fun drawing! The baby on the bike made me laugh out loud! And the pickle!
    Oh boy!