Wednesday, December 12, 2012


It's a magical date if you are into numbers! When the Twelve by Twelve group planned our current challenge about a year ago, it occurred to us that it would be coming to an end in December, 2012 and it seemed fated that it should coincide with the 12.12.12 date. So, do go see what we have ended this challenge with. The theme is "Sweet" and it is both sweet and a little sad to see it come to a close—at least for now. Stay tuned. There may yet be more to the Twelve by Twelve story.

This is my offering for "sweet."  The Sugar Bowl. Read about it, and all the others over on the Twelve by Twelve blog.

The contributors to the Sketchbook Project blog also wanted to mark the unusual date and posted collections of twelve creative inspirations there.  In addition to the twelve scissors I posted on the Sketchbook Challenge blog, I posted some other "twelve" collections on Facebook throughout the day.

Twelve Old Scissors

Twelve watercolor crayons, one of my favorite art supplies

Twelve of my favorite color spools of thread

Twelve of my colorful shirting fabrics

My daughter posted that her Middle School class (she is a Spanish Immersion teacher) chanted "Doce, doce, doce..." twelve times at 12:12 today. How did you commemorate 12.12.12?

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