Sunday, December 30, 2012

Another slide show

Yesterday I posted my review of 2012 slide show. I used Smilebox, which is a free online slideshow program. It is limited in what you can do with it unless you pay for their premium service, which I don't want to do. I don't make enough slide shows to make it worthwhile. My major frustrations with the Smilebox show were that 1) I could not speed it up—it spent too much time on each slide, in my opinion, 2) I could choose from only 3 musical selections, none of which really grabbed me, and 3) instead of actually imbedding the slide show in my blog, it took you to a page with their advertising along with my slide show.

I did a little research to see if there was something better and I discovered it. It was on my own computer all along. Windows Live Movie Maker. User friendly, lots of options and you can choose from any music you already have on your computer or a nice selection the program offers. I ended up staying up way too late last night playing with this, but I was so happy I figured it out!

For your viewing pleasure, a selection of nature photos I took in 2012:


  1. Very nice. Can you make the pictures larger?

  2. Anonymous5:46 AM

    Today's video is beautiful and the music lovely; much better than the repetitious Smilebox music. However, one feature of Smilebox I really enjoy is the ability to hold a photo I'm particularly interested in so I can study it and click through faster those in which I'm not so interested . In any event, I enjoyed both of your slide shows a lot because you are a great photographer!

  3. That was beautiful. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos in this way.