Sunday, December 09, 2012

And it's on to Christmas!

Thanks for all the nice messages about my health scare. Yes, I admit it did scare me and make me very grateful for a lot of things and it was a great relief that it turned out OK. And now I am on to other things. Christmas, for one.

I don't go as "all out" as a lot of folks with Christmas decorating and stuff. As I said a few days ago, "sweet and simple" is usually my goal, but it is fun to pull out the old decorations and remember Christmases past. Never did like those coordinated designer Christmas trees. Ours is always the old collection of ornaments gathered over the years. I always put my collection of terra cotta ornaments on the fireplace mantel. There is nothing particularly special about them, except that they are all unglazed terra cotta, which I've always liked.

Back in the '80s I was working as the manager/buyer for the gift shop at the Oregon Shakespearean Festival and used to go to the big gift shows in San Francisco every year. One year at the end of the show all the vendors were selling their samples and I was taken with some inexpensive little terra cotta ornaments and I bought them.

We hung them on our tree that year. Then I saw some at a local store and I bought those and soon I was looking for those terra cotta figures. They were never very popular and it was always by chance that I would find them, but pretty soon I had a fairly good collection and they moved from the tree to the mantel. And no, they don't match. They are all sizes and subjects and even different shades of terra cotta. Then I didn't see them again. I haven't found another in many years.

I thought I was finished with collecting them. Then, several years ago in a wonderful gallery of Latin American art, which sadly no longer exists, I found this terra cotta angel from Guatamala. I had to have her.
My last and best Christmas terra cotta.


  1. Glad to hear you are okay. It sortof takes away from the 'it's benign' message when they send you to the mega specialist for a zillion tests. Ugh.

    Your angel is beautiful. I love little quirky collections like that.

  2. This was the very best and most welcome post to see this very happy to see you feeling well and decorating for Christmas...what a wonderful gift of the season....

  3. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Missed your post yesterday as I was at the cardiologist's office with hubby, who just went through a similar but different scare and had to have a defibrillator implanted. Now that he is out of the woods and back at work, I had a meltdown wondering about the future. Great cardiologist gave me a pep talk and more information which helped enormously. Heart medicine these days is a miracle. Glad to know your are okay, and your dancing rhythm is working well.