Sunday, December 02, 2012

The end of another week

It has rained so hard this week that it was wonderful to wake up to sunshine and chirpy birds this morning. This was the view out my front window.

I keep finding new apps for my phone and the one I used for this little animated gif is called cinemagram. The cool thing about it, that you may not be able to ascertain from this, is that you take a short video and then you can manipulate it so that the background stays still and you designate a small part of it to animate. That is why you see no wobble in this video, just the little bird and feeder moving. I am looking forward to playing with it more.

December has arrived. Wasn't it just summer? We went out and did a little Christmas shopping today. Amazing how much money you can spend in a very short time!

Got into the studio for awhile this afternoon and spent most of my time cleaning up the huge mess that has accumulated over the past few weeks. I have set my large quilt aside that I have been working on. It is not what I want. I will get back to it eventually, probably, but it was getting me down. I am still trying to loosen it all up and get a more spontaneous feel in the buildings. A friend reminded me of some of the smaller pieces I have done that have a nice light looseness. It is so hard to translate that into bigger work. But I decided I needed to see how that felt again and made three little pieces today. I am wondering how I can work with these little pieces to put them together into something bigger. I think, maybe, it can be done.

Well, it is raining again, but I'm ready for a new week.  How about you?


  1. Anonymous5:29 AM

    I can't believe you cleaned up your studio and made three wonderful houses, all in one afternoon. You really GO, girl! The tweety bird and swinging feeder are very impressive also. Love it all.

  2. I have a similar app called Flixel. It is really fun. I did one "video" where I animated only the wagging tail of our dog... everything else in the picture was still. Another I did Benjamin's reflection in a train window and animated the moving scenery behind him. Weird.

    Love your little sketches!

  3. I thought I was seeing things at first with that little bird. What a fun app! I love your little buildings.

  4. Oh yes, these little buildings are much looser and whimsical! i think getting rid of perspective and using more of your lovely line worked great. :-)