Monday, December 03, 2012

Monday, Monday—so good to me...

Popped into my head just now, as I typed the word "Monday". How I used to love the Mamas and the Papas. Still do love that music, but the shine dimmed when Cass died of either a ham sandwich or an overdose or a heart attack, and the later stories about John were just disgusting. Can you still love the music after all that? Maybe.  

So this is a weird way to start out! Enjoy the song and let's move on.

Sweet Marco spent the day today and was a perfect child—sweet, funny and adorable. With a two-year-old you never know quite who is walking in the door, but I'll take today's version any time.

I spent a little studio time today preparing samples for the art lesson I am giving at Sofia's school this week. I am part of a volunteer art literacy program in the Beaverton schools. The lessons are all set up and include a slide show about a famous artist, followed by an art project. I have no input into the curriculum, but I am enjoying it. The lesson this time around is about Paul Cezanne. The art project uses pieces of colored tissue paper to create a still life. The tissue paper is applied to the paper with liquid starch and is supposed to approximate the effect of how Cezanne applied paint in sort of blocky bits that create the illusion of form and structure. It is not such a stretch, and more fun than I expected.

I hunted high and low for liquid starch and finally found it at a grocery store near us. The clerk asked me what it was. In my old art teaching days it was a staple of the art classroom. I remember sticking colored tissue paper to all the school windows with it to decorate for the holidays. Also great for paper mache and a medium for powdered tempera paint. And, of course, you can mix it with Elmer's glue to make slime, which is amazing (though useless) stuff.

My presentation will be to Sofia's Kindergarten class, so I have to keep remembering to make it simple, but honestly I think these Kinders are way smarter and more creative than I was at the same age. I can't wait to see what they do. They may all end up collaged with tissue paper from head to toe.

While I was waiting for the artwork to dry I made another little house and a little sun to join yesterday's buildings on my design wall.

In my efforts to loosen up, am I just being sloppy? I'm pretty sure the quilt police would not give them high marks!


  1. I don't think your house nor sun are "sloppy". I think they are fun and free. :) When I was in high school a friend and I made the backdrop for the photos at one of the dances. The theme was "Color My World". She was an artist and had permission to use the art room. Oh my!!! Coming from the Home Ec. dept., I was in heaven. The 9'x6' banner was made using the same technique you are teaching. Fun memories. You are right, kids are much smarter than I was back in the day. Have fun!

  2. Oh yes, you can still love the music, but not admire the musicians! Thanks for a nostalgic Monday beginning to my Tuesday.

  3. Oh yes, you can love the music, but not admire the musicians! Thanks for a nostalgic Monday start to my Tuesday.

  4. It's only sloppy if it doesn't look intentional! The elements are consistent so I'd interpret your houses as loose, not sloppy. I like the way the little sun helps puzzle the house blocks together.

  5. I do like the song. Thanks! The art project reminds me of some that I've done with Kinders. Thanks for taking the time to explain your plans for this art literacy lesson.