Wednesday, November 02, 2011

I could get used to this

Fall is an iffy proposition. My blog friends on the east coast are coming out of a big storm and blogging about snow and power outages and ruined trees. Here, on the left side of the continent Fall just seems to go on and on this year. Some years we would be knee deep in mud and slimy, moldy leaves by now. This year Nature is maybe making up for a short, chilly summer. It is getting colder this week, but still so beautiful.

This morning I took my camera when I met Paula to walk. Yesterday I not only didn't take my camera, but forgot my phone as well. Yesterday was clear and sunny. We saw a pair of white egrets standing in the little lake, as well as blue heron, ducks and geese and the fall colors reflected in the water. This morning was foggy.

The egrets were gone. There is actually a heron standing out there on the far left of this photo. Walking around the lake we saw another one, closer to the shore.

They are so still. We stood and watched him for a long time as the noisy geese and ducks paddled around and bobbed and dipped. Finally the fog began to creep into our bones and we left him guarding the lake and headed back through the office park toward Starbucks and some coffee.

I picked up a bouquet of these red leaves, but they were fading to brown within hours inside the house. Paula asked me if the colors might inspire a quilt. Not really. Nothing can touch the real thing. I'm enjoying it while I can. It will all disappear in a good rain storm one day soon.


  1. Those are beautiful photos!

  2. We really have had a beautiful fall this year. I often wish I could freeze time and then fast forward to spring, ignoring winter along the way. Have a fun time in Houston!