Thursday, June 29, 2006

Well, it's done and that's a good thing

The Japanese Iris quilt is finished and ready for the Japanese Garden Show. I think I solved a couple of problems and made it work better than it started out, but if you want to know what I really think—I think it is kind of boring. And I think I know why.

I have made these kind of quilts for the Japanese Garden Show every year and they have sold well. That is why I made this one. I had no burning desire to make another flower quilt. I'm not going to do that again. I have been having too much fun with crows and beetles and little landscapes to go back to pretty, pretty flowers. And the colors are, for me, really, really boring. I'm not a blue and green kind of person when you get down to it. And it's kind of stiff—the design. I hope I sell it. I don't want to look at it anymore. Am I whining? I'm sorry.

There actually is one part of this quilt that I really do like. It's the center of this flower. It could be one of my little 5" square pieces. I just like the way that orange-y color works with that purple-y color.


  1. Anonymous9:53 AM


    Your comment on your iris is interesting to me in part because it's just what happened to me. I did the Japanese Garden exhibits when they were fun and exciting to me, but I found after a while that I simply couldn't work up much enthusiasm. I decided then it was time to quit.

    Of course, you still have your birds and beetles, so you aren't ready to "quit" the Garden show yet.
    Hi to Ray from me.

  2. I don't like making the same thing over and over again either. I really like the quilt, but you're right, making it more than once would be more than I could handle.