Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dinner guest

I've always hated peas. Sofia loves them. She takes such delight in carefully picking up a single pea and popping it into her mouth that I just may have to give peas another chance.* She makes them look good. Then some days she wants nothing to do with them. Maybe she has some of my genes after all.

Napkin skills coming right along.

* "all we are saaaaying, is give peas a chance..." thanks Reva!


  1. Anonymous10:04 AM

    Good job, Sofia! Another of your blessings, Terry. Although Sofia is getting that pea-pincer down very well, she hasn't convinced me to give that particular veggie another try--I'll just save all my peas for her. :o)

  2. Did you put up that entire post just so you could say "give peas a chance"? %^)

  3. Anonymous6:01 PM

    She's adorable! I love that second picture in particular...

  4. Thanks for sharing your grand grandgirl. Nice to start her off with good manners - they will surely stick.

  5. I looooove peas and my grandma hated them too and was kind enough to make them for me at my request...perhaps that is why you don't like peas?

  6. Yes, I probably did inherit my dislike for peas from Jessica's grandma! (who also was my Mom—and Beck's)