Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Fighting a feeling

We are giving up trying to sell this house ourselves. It is something we wanted to try and we knew that, at some point we'd engage a realtor if we didn't have a quick sale. We interviewed realtors. It was depressing. They all want us to lower the price, put a new roof on the house, redo the kitchen (not happening), change light fixtures, etc. etc. etc. It is looking like the money we were counting on for further remodeling the new house is dissolving before our eyes. Poof. Gone in the blink of a crappy housing market. So "bummed out" is the feeling I am fighting. I am venting here to get it out of my system.

Shit happens. So on to other things and repeating this mantra, "It's only money. It's only money." Not cancer, not heart disease, not homelessness, not an airplane falling out of the sky and killing 3 small children on vacation in a beach house and the two people in the plane—man, that one is the one that really makes me ashamed to complain about anything.

So onward and upward. I'm chugging water so I can go give blood. The Red Cross called to say they are short of my type. I am getting ready to go to Seattle on the train with my super buddies on Friday. We are going to the APNQ quilt show, where one of my quilts and one of Gerrie's will be on display. We will eat and walk and laugh inappropriately and probably say some snarky things about some of the quilts and we'll marvel at others and I hope we'll meet some other bloggers and internet acquaintences as we did two years ago.

And have I mentioned that I love my new house? It is so comfortable and the yard smells like Girl Scout camp and the kitchen is a joy to cook in. If we have to live with pig pink carpeting in the bedrooms a bit longer than we planned, oh well.

P.S. Did I ever show you the cool blogsite I created to try to sell the house? It has gotten a lot of good comments. Take a look before it's history :


  1. Anonymous10:47 AM

    The house looks beautiful. Why did you move!!? I haven't followed your blog for long....I suppose if I read backwards I'll find out.

    sus in spokane

  2. Life sucks, sometimes, but thank God for the balance in other parts of our lives. I can not wait to make snarky comments and laugh inappropriately with you. Woo hoo!

  3. The housing economy has had a huge impact on everybody- so I feel your frustration. Dp and I bought our house 14 months ago. In that 14 months our appraised value fell 80k. Good thing we haven't got any plans to move anytime in the near or distant future!

    BTW- I came across you blog through Studio 78 Notes (Rayna). Hope you don't mind me nosing around.

    Take Care!!!!

  4. Your old house is amazing - I wouldn't change anything - except maybe consider the roof if that is a deciding factor for the sale. There has to be someone that is just waiting for that home - I love the details and the type of construction - I love all the rooms and nooks and crannies - this is just my sort of house - unfortunately we are not in the market for a new house (having just bought one in December) - and not planning to move to Portland.

    I am sure someone will love your old house - even with the old kitchen (that is part of the charm) and the light fixtures. Sometimes real estate agents get too picky and want things to be the way THEY would buy a house - but stick to your plans and sell it the way it is - charming and welcoming and beautiful.

  5. Anonymous3:57 PM

    I love your house...the blog is awesome! Unfortunately I live in Nebraska but if I were only closer... I love your wall color in the dining room and one of the bedrooms. I have been looking for a "blue" like that for months. Do you remember what it is and would you mind sharing it with me? Good luck on selling, I will send good thoughts to you.

  6. Aw, honey; I know the feeling. I wish one of my out-of-state friends would buy it and move here; I've sent your blog URL to just about everyone I know.

    Enjoy Seattle and take lots of pictures for me!

  7. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Your home is gorgeous! I live in an old house too and I understand the frustrations. Have you consdiered renting it out for a couple years>? And if you need a new roof maybe give them a credit through escrow. Think of listing it or mentioning it on Craigslist too. Crazy but it might help.
    Hugs Ruth

  8. Anonymous7:34 PM



  9. Yep, it's only money. My father used to say that all the time - and everything else puts it into perspective. Many people on the Garden Web Kitchen Forum have houses with absolutely charming kitchens like yours and they are just changing the counters. One person I know in the Bay Area actually took out more modern (ugly) cabinets and had new ones make that look like yours and go with the house.

    Honestly, realtors might be depressing but they will market your house.

    Have fun at the show and with Gerrie.

  10. Loved your blog of your great old house. I'd be interested if I lived closer, but the commute would be a killer for me!

    Good luck with the sale.