Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The red teapot

I am hanging more things on the walls. I have been almost afraid to show you this one. Because I know how jealous you will be. It's yet another example of the amazing things that happen thanks to blogging and the internet.

So here's the story. See that cute red teapot? That was my teapot. But I never used it. When I made tea in a pot it was usually for a number of people so I used my bigger teapot. This one was put away in my china cupboard for years. A couple weeks ago I was packing and ran across it. I am in a clearing out mode and I thought, "I should give this to someone who'd enjoy it." Then I put it in a box with a lot of other things to pass along to someone else.

The very next day I was reading Melody Johnson's blog. Melody, if you don't know, is an amazing, clever quilt artist, but she has recently gone back to painting and she is pretty amazing at that as well. But, anyway, I was reading her blog and she said she'd been out shopping for things for her "still-life collection"—things to paint. And I knew that if ever anyone would appreciate that cute little red teapot, Melody would. So I sent it to her and she painted it and sent me the painting! How great is that?

Even more amazingly, back when I was first married I had a set of dishes with yellow cups exactly like the one in the painting and not too many years back I had a whole set of those blue dishes, exactly like the little plate in the picture. But all that aside, I just love the painting and the lemons and the pear and that dreamy, pinkish background and how I can almost taste that clear, hot tea, and the way it looks on my terra cotta wall.

I told you you'd be jealous.


  1. Anonymous12:04 AM

    You were right, Terry! My jealousy knows no bounds! A lovely painting and it looks wonderful on your wall.

  2. Anonymous12:10 AM


  3. Anonymous5:08 AM

    And I am! I love serendipity and the ongoing kindness of artists to each other. Thanks for sharing the painting, V.

  4. Way cool! It does look very nice against your terra cotta wall! and oh, my, you OWN a piece of Melody's artwork, you lucky person! Neat trade, I would say...

  5. I'm not jealous not at all - waaaaaah!

    I don't call it luck, I call it serendipity - the reference to your dishes - that is serendipity, for sure.

  6. You're right. I've been enjoying seeing Melody's painting on her blog as well.

  7. Anonymous9:11 PM

    Rooth in California = jealous ok envious :)

  8. Nope, not at all jealous. Just as sending the teapot to Melody seemed like the right thing to do, that painting was meant to be yours. It looks at home on your wall, too. What a great story--thanks for sharing it.

  9. I not only love the painting... I love the pot and the blue pitcher. I have the Little Red Hen hanging on my wall. It's the only hen left!!!