Sunday, August 17, 2008

So much stuff

To move.

I know. This is the longest friggin' move in the history of moving. If you're tired of reading about it, imagine how tired I am of living it. But it goes on. And on. Half of what I own is in one house. Half, or more, is still at the other house. I am moving things as I need them. I still haven't moved the studio, which is daunting, but may actually be easier than it looks since everything, pretty much, is already in containers.

There may be a bright side to moving across town this way. When we've moved before, especially from one town to another, getting everything packed to go at once was brutal. Then seeing all my worldly possessions piled up and loaded onto a huge truck always gave me a terrible feeling of being burdoned by all this stuff! I was always reminded of moving from Pocatello to Boise after college with everything I owned in the trunk of my car. What a sense of freedom that I didn't even appreciate at the time. At least this way I am carrying what I can in my car on each trip and I don't ever have to see the whole mess piled up in one big pile!


  1. I do commiserate, as I told you before. In one sense it was easy for me when we moved next door, since if I needed something specific, I could just walk next door and grab it from the 'old' house. But it was the longest and most painful move for us. If misery loves company, then come sit by me!

    Warm hugs,

  2. Oh I hear you girlfriend!!

    Seeing all my stuff in 9 crates wasn't nearly as shocking as knowing there was another crate being sent faster, and another crate or two in storage. It seems never ending. I once moved across country with all my worldly belongings in the back of my little pickup. But I was one person then and we are four now. My current goal is to limit our stuff to what fits in less than 10 crates.

    And no, I'm not bored with your moving because it makes me feel better about also not being done yet.

  3. Anonymous1:02 PM

    I hear you sista! I moved 5 times in just over 4 years and then moved BACK to my original house at the end of the whole thing. I have been here 4 years and still haven't got the final 5 boxes emptied (note to self; get on with it!) I am NEVER ever moving again... or so I say...
    I also enjoy knowing how painful it is I FEEL your pain! Hurrah for you for being able to function at all! I have this phobia that I can't do THIS until I do THIS and then THIS oh and this so sometimes nothing gets done.

  4. i don't miss the packing and the moving... may the force be with you!