Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dennis Hopper

I was sad to read that Dennis Hopper died today. He was in some of the most iconic movies of our times—Giant, Easy Rider, Blue Velvet—but my favorite was Hoosiers. His portrayal of the alcoholic father who found new meaning for his life was heartbreaking and heart warming. An unforgettable performance. 

Rest easy, Dennis.


  1. Wow, didn;t realize he was in Giant too. He's covered quite a lifetime. Interesting guy for sure.

  2. Yes, an unforgettable artist.

  3. Back in 1969 when Easy Rider came out, my boyfriend and I went to see the movie in Hollywood. We saw Dennis Hopper and his date sneaking into the theater through the back door. The usher (remember them?) confirmed "that's the star of the show." We followed them in, and I sat next to Dennis Hopper during the movie. He asked me to save his seat while he went to get popcorn! That's the closest I've ever been to fame...