Friday, May 28, 2010

It's not a door knob!

There was nothing to indicate scale in my "object" photos from yesterday and several people were convinced my mystery object is a door knob. No, it absolutely isn't a door knob! It is flat on the bottom, with a carved starburst pattern and far too large and heavy to be used as a door knob. I believe it is nothing more than a paperweight, and perhaps, as Christine suggested, designed to sit in the sunlight and refract light into rainbows of color. I need to find a place to put it where it might get some direct sunlight. Most of our windows face north and south, which won't work very well, but I'll move it around.


  1. I'll vote with Christine. I remember those heavy glass orbs used to reflect rainbows around the room. Maybe someone threw it away in a temper because there was never enough sun in Western Oregon to cast the rainbows.
    Your funny security word on this comment is "kingerip" - you always have the best security words.

  2. Why don't you come up with a clever way to hang it in a window to maximize the amount of light passing through it? I'm sure you could make a little cage for it, perhaps even out of some invisible material. I love the fact that for some things, beauty is their sole purpose.

  3. We had leaded, beveled glass in a bay window in our Kansas house and the rainbows it threw through the formal parlor were a constant joy. The window faced south but because it was bay, it also picked up east and west light. Somedays, I just sat and watched the rainbows as they moved with the sun.

    So find a good place where you can watch the rainbows.