Friday, May 21, 2010

The object

I am inspired by beautiful things. Especially objects  that were made by hand. Art, craft, whatever you want to call it. Every so often I have posted something here on the blog that is such a thing. It occurred to me that I might make this a regular (or irregular) feature. Since I don't operate well on designated days for designated tasks, especially now that nobody is paying me to be that mentally organized, I can't guarantee that I will stick to a strict schedule, but I am thinking I may set Fridays aside to post a photo of something that I just love looking at. It might be something that belongs to me, or something I see somewhere else.

For my first object I chose my grandmother's turquoise bracelet.  I suppose it is more than 100 years old by now. Navajo or Hopi. Grandma Clarice was a magpie for sure. She loved jewelry. She loved clothes and shoes and handbags. She especially loved anything red and/or sparkly. She always said she had Gypsy blood. I have several things that belonged to her, including the name she always wished she had—Teresa. She always said her dream was to own a fancy women's clothing store and she would call it "Teresa's." She never did have that store. She worked most of her life in an insurance office, but she dreamed. And she always looked like a million bucks. The bracelet is my favorite piece of jewelry. It is just so beautifully designed and made. Its weight on my wrist is a presence.


  1. A beautiful word picture! Thank you Terry!

  2. What a beautiful piece of jewelry with a story attached. It must have been fun to visit your grandmother Clarice. Actually as store names go, I think Clarice's might have been classier than Teresa's, not to belittle your name!