Monday, June 05, 2006

More street art

Beth and I are not the only ones who are "takin' it to the street." The kids in our neighborhood have made the street their canvas.

We live on a dead-end section of street with only 8 houses. The street was paved only a couple of years ago and gets very little traffic—mainly the folks who live on the street. The kids down the street started chalking hopscotch courts on the newly paved street nearly as soon as it was paved. They have progressed from there to big cartoon characters, funny sayings and recently a very impressive map of the US with all the states named. Yesterday we discovered that they have branched out into poetry. The poem:
Illinois Street
Welcome to Illinois Street
We hope its bounds your needs they meet.
Much history has been made here
Upon the place where you appear.
The fireworks shot up so high
That we did think they touched the sky.
And it has snowed and it has rained—
And what do you think that we have gained?
We are a very cozy street
We hope its bounds your needs do meet.

Today is the 4th of the month of June,
So school will be over soon.
Birthdays coming all around
We'll party the house to the ground.
The sun is very hot in June
And school will be over soon.

It is great to live on a "cozy street" that inspires poetry.

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  1. Great poetry from the neighborhood kids.