Monday, June 12, 2006

Playing catch-up

So—a week ago I filled you in on the status of the razer wire protest art. Tuesday morning our husbands joined us for our walk to see what we had done at the fence. When we got there we found that Beth's little banner was gone, as well as the tags with the "good neighbor" quotes I had put up the day before. The ribbons were still there. We checked the trash barrel, stirring it up with a stick and while we did not find Beth's banner or the quotes, I found my original banner clear at the bottom! So it went back up for the third time. (boy, I hate that picture. Does my neck really look like that?)

We continued on our walk and it was out on the trail that we got the call telling us about Ray's Mom. We hurried home, packed ourselves up and hit the road for Boise, Idaho. I haven't been back to the walking trail since. We are planning to walk tomorrow. I am pretty certain my banner will be gone again, but I am taking more quotes to hang up and probably some more ribbon. I can print those quote tags as fast as "they" (whoever they are) can take them down! Teri asked if she, or anyone else, could send contributions to the protest—meaning art to hang up, I assume. Absolutely! E-mail me privately and I will give you an address to send to.

And that iris quilt—I haven't had a chance to work on it, but I'm hoping to get back to it soon. And when I do I will post the "floating iris problem" solution that I came up with.

Thanks for all the nice messages. I was touched by the response to my post about Bertha.

And one last thing—"The Weaver" and "Judith's Garden" were both juried into the APNQ Show in Seattle in August. That news made a truly crumby week just a tiny bit better.

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  1. Terry, I had to look twice at your photo - I didn't see "the neck", I saw your smile! (and I'm not just saying that to be *nice*) I love this story of your protest and simply CANNOT believe that anyone would keep removing your banner and posts. WHY??? What is their problem with them?