Tuesday, June 20, 2006

You can join the fun!

If you have been following the artful protest (here and here and here and here) my friend, Beth, and I have launched against the Portland Golf Club, you will know that they left us a message a couple days ago. (That's the clubhouse above—nice, eh?)

Today we left a message on the fence inviting other walkers on the path to e-mail the general manager of the Golf Club with their comments and suggestions regarding the razor wire.

Now I am inviting YOU to send an e-mail as well. Tell them that you saw pictures of their ugly razor wire on the internet. (doesn't that sound like something they don't want to hear?) Then tell them whatever you want to tell them. Do you think e-mails from all over the world will get their attention? I dunno. It's worth a try.

Let me know if you send an e-mail—I'm interested in knowing how many they get.



  1. I just sent mine.

    Remember the adage, "The squeeky wheel gets the grease!"


  2. Anonymous6:01 AM

    I just sent one and used the concentration camp reference, but I was polite...sort of. Hope it works.

  3. I sent mine. Told them it looks menacing.

  4. Terry...is there a specific reason they put it up? To keep out trespassers? To keep errant balls from hitting....something?

  5. Delta, their note said it was to "protect their environment". I assume they have had trespassers climb over the gate. The rest of their property, much of which borders the trail, has a very high chainlink fence painted dark brown. It is unobtrusive and does keep balls from whacking folks on the trail. We see lots of balls sitting just inside the fence. The gate with the razor wire is located at a corner of their property and is shielded from being viewed by the golfers by bushes and trees inside the property. It is only us on the OUTSIDE that have to look at it. I understand their need to discourage trespassers, but I think it can be done in less offensive ways, with a higher gate, a more conventional security gate--even a couple rows of barbed wire across the top, while not ideal, would be less obtrusive than that shiny, in-your-face razor wire.

  6. This is what I wrote:
    I saw what our friends must endure on their nature walk on the internet.

    Is Razor Wire really necessary? Isn't that a bit extreme?

    Be more creative and think of something else please. Nature trails are meant to be natural, serene and calm.

    Thank you, in advance, for coming to a better solution.

    Your friend and nature-lover,
    Quilting Fitzy

    This is what I received back:
    Thanks for communicating, a decision has been made to remove the Razor wire above the gate.

    Hopefully with all the foot traffic now, vandalism will not be an issue.

    john r. manley

    Terry, let us know how it progresses, glad we could help!