Sunday, February 15, 2009

Assembly line

Thanks for all the input on the valentine color! You can probably see that I came up with the solution suggested by a couple of you and mounted the little crow print first on black, then on red. It was the perfect combination in my opinion. Also good because I had a package of red paper leftover from a previous valentine project and enough black as well. I also had a box of envelopes from a previous project too, so the valentines cost next to nothing to make this year, except that I had to go buy a new color cartridge for the printer to print the letters. Whew! Those cartridges are expensive. So now I am assembling, printing, addressing and will get them out the door in a day or two.

This guillotine is one of my favorite tools and makes it so much easier to do paper projects. This was something I claimed when we emptied my parents' house after their deaths. My dad used it to trim photos that he printed in his darkroom and I assumed that was what it was made for. Just recently my brother told me that it is not, in fact, a paper cutter, but a belt cutter, made for cutting rubber belt material. (For machinery, like conveyer belts, not to hold your pants up.) My dad was a mechanical engineer and owned a machine shop, which was probably what it was purchased for. I was incredulous. I googled "belt cutter" and sure enough, there it was. It is the best paper cutter I have ever used! You can cut a goodly stack of paper very accurately and easily, though not very large sheets of paper. Obviously, Dad had figured that out.


  1. Cool cutter! Your assembly line looks like mine at Christmas time. I had blocks lined up to stamp in progression and cards drying all over the studio. I hadn't thought of doing Valentine cards. Maybe next year - if I can remember, lol.

  2. Anonymous1:31 PM

    Oh man, I remember that cutter! And you're right it is the best cutter ever. Very, very accurate. You'd put a stack of paper in and crrrunch down the blade and every piece was perfect--no sliding, no tearing, no bending instead of cutting. But I am still amazed that I didn't cut a finger off--it would have easy to do and if anyone were to do that, it would have been me.
    I have a cutter with a rotary blade, now. It's, ehhh, OK but can only do two sheets at a time. I don't worry about digits (except when it comes time to change the blade. I've always been a disaster waiting to happen.