Saturday, February 21, 2009

Longing for spring to come

These are days that make me really long for spring. These are days that make me want to be outside working on things. I've been thinking about projects we have planned for our new yard, and though I'm not the most enthusiastic gardener I love the results. At our old house we had such a beautiful yard. This one has a ways to go, but a lot of potential.

Several years ago I made concrete paving stones using a mold that I bought from a woman here in Portland who designs wonderful molds for garden stepping stones. I made enough to incorporate them into our expanded patio.

I'd like to make more to use here. I still have the mold for the fish block, but I want another design as well, so I went out to the garden center to see if they had the molds for sale. They didn't, but I couldn't get away without a few things.

I love primroses, so got a few and some other things, including a couple packets of seeds. I planted the planter that sits on the porch railing.

I bought this planter last spring because I thought it was pretty neat the way it straddles the porch railing and I thought if I planted it with nasturtiums they would pretty much cover it. They didn't and the thing is really kind of ugly, but I'm not giving up on it yet. Today I planted some vinca that hangs over the sides and I will look for some other things that are hang-y. I planted nasturtiums again that should come on as the primroses are finished blooming. I always like to have a bunch of stuff in pots on the porches.

The last time you saw this hen she looked pretty sad. I got rid of the nasty, dead geranium and gave her a primrose too.

Other parts of the yard are showing some signs of spring's approach too. The daffodils are pushing their way up through the dead leaves and grass. Someday I'd like our long driveway to be lined with masses of daffodils in the spring.

And I did find another mold at another shop this afternoon. These are the nicest I have seen. Most of the molds I have seen are very poor, cutesy designs. You can order them from the website if you can't find them in a store. This is the one I ended up buying. I thought it would go well with the fish.


  1. I love that mold design, Terry. I sure do understand that itch to get outside and do something garden-related. I've been pruning my roses like mad this past week.

    My daffodils are poking up, too. Once again, I didn't get around to dividing them in time last season. If you'd like some, please let me know; I'd be more than happy to give you a bunch o' bulbs.

  2. I'm sure your new garden will be as beautiful as your old one -- just needs a few years of Terry love. It's wonderful to see bits of Spring popping up.

  3. Anonymous6:12 PM

    [SIGH] Daffodils.... We have several feet of snow on the ground and another foot predicted for tomorrow. Brrr...
    Lynne (in VT)

  4. I love the molds and your stepping stones. The crocus next to the house are blooming and so cheery. Flurries are predicted up here tonight, so I guess I'll wait a while to get some pansies and primroses! Cheers and thanks for the info.

  5. Lovely post!
    I saw a few daffodil shoots here yesterday. Spring is coming, at last.

  6. It must be February, ppl on the "wet" coast have flowers coming up! Out here on the cold windy prairies we will be some time before the crocuses and other early bulbs start poking their shoots out.

    ooooooooh when I saw that mould, i thought of sunprints, stamps etc on fabric before it makes cement blocks for your garden, or perhaps even make a resin mould or two to use in the studio.

  7. I have been willing it to be Spring but,alas, it is not quite ready to be. Primrose always makes me feel good, think I will go out and get some.

  8. Both molds are very pretty - and yay flowers!