Sunday, February 01, 2009

Cheap decor and the view out the window

I have wanted something in front of our living room window ever since we moved in. Nothing that would take a lot of space, but some extra seating might be good and something in me can't leave an empty space unfilled. Many, many years ago I discovered unfinished furniture as a way of filling in those empty spaces without spending a lot of money. I am not talking about the cheapo pine deacon's benches and wobbly, spindly little tables, but nicely designed furniture made from good wood. There's a great store here in Portland that I have bought several pieces from over the years. Last week I found just the right sized bench there. It is a hardwood and very sturdily built. I brought it home and stained and finished it, and made a couple little cushions. I'm pretty happy with it.

Last week I glanced out that front window and saw this beautiful cat perched on the porch railing.

I hadn't seen him around, but he obviously belongs to someone, probably one of the neighbors. He looked so much like our old, beloved cat, Oliver. And what do you suppose he was gazing at so intently?

A cute little bird at the suet feeder.

There's always something going on outside that front window. Now I can sit on my little bench and get a better view.


  1. I would find it hard to get up from this bench and do my daily duties...

  2. Lovely bench, lovely view, lovely cat, if he doesn't eat the birdies.

  3. I love that hen planter.

  4. A co-incidence- see my blog post today. Hope you have better luck with your neighbor's kitty.