Friday, February 13, 2009

Crazy hearts

Years ago when we lived in Ashland, Oregon, my friend Martha Lewis had a fabulous collection of crazy quilt hearts that she had made. She added to it every year and hung them all on a wall in her entryway every February. Martha was a fabulous seamstress and clever, witty woman. She made incredible dolls and had the most mind-blowing collections of ribbons and buttons and bits and bobs I have ever seen. Every so often she would invite several of us over to "play" and she'd teach us how to make something—a doll, or a needle case or a little sampler of embroidery stitches. One year she allowed me to display her crazy heart collection in my shop window for Valentine's day. When we were getting ready to move to Portland, some of my good friends had a little party for me and Martha gave me one of her fabulous hearts. That's it on the left above. I made the other two. Martha taught me how to make the spiderweb and the little spider on the middle one. I'm not a fan of crazy quilts, but I love these crazy hearts.

I am running far behind on my valentines for this year. They will be mailed late. Perhaps by tomorrow I will have a photo to post, at least.

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  1. "Crazy hearts" seems perfect somehow, because -- aren't they? Happy Valentine's Day, Terry!