Sunday, February 01, 2009

Making little thingies

I want to make another piece for the High Fiber Diet green line show and I also want to do more with my 2" block scheme. I've been making more of the little guys in a more limited palette. This is such a change from the more representational work I have been doing. It feels good to do something that is more free form. I think I want to explore this idea further. The little pieces are very fun to make. I am using bits and scraps and each one is a little composition unto itself. Sometimes the shape of a scrap will be the starting point for the the composition, sometimes something just suggests itself. Sometimes I make one that is really boring to look at, but when I group it with the others it finds it's own voice.
Later today (I am writing this just after midnight) the 12 x 12 "Chair" theme quilts will be revealed on the 12 x 12 blog. Tell me what you think of mine. It is also a bit of a change for me. I am looking forward to seeing what the rest of the 12s have done.


  1. Great small pictures! I'm looking forward to the composition you will choose. Had you put them side by side, I'd have started piecing the pictures in my photoshop.
    I wasn't sure about the 12x12 theme quilt about chairs; which one is yours? The painting? (Gorgeous!)

  2. What a wonderful piece of art Terry. It is so personal and yet so universal. I am sure you will always cherish this piece and the memories it evokes.

  3. The green line piece is very beautiful and appealing. I love this idea you have about making these little blocks and how well you put them together in your composition.

  4. You have a beautiful collection of fabric to use for these little compositions.