Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Another one and some questions answered

The only thing really new about this little sample is that I fused another fabric to my base fabric and then transferred another drawing on tracing paper on top.



No big surprises here. It worked about as expected. I can see some possible uses for this— little houses??

There have been some good questions in the comments and I'll try to answer them.

  • What kind of fusible am I using and would Misty Fuse work the same way? I am using what I think is Stitch Witchery. It has been in my stash for awhile. It has no backing paper, just fusible web. I don't know if Misty Fuse would work. Someone should experiment and let me know!
  • Does this change the hand of the fabric? Yes it does. It makes it stiff and has a "plastic-y" feel. Heating it with a heat gun melts the fusible and makes it less like plastic on the surface, but it is still stiff.
  • What about copyright on magazine images? A consideration, for sure. I would not use a recognizable image from a magazine in a piece that I plan to exhibit.

We are taking a quick pre-Christmas break at the Oregon Coast. The weather in Portland has been wild and it is rainy and wet here, but the winter beach is beautiful in its own fierce way.


Christmas is nearly here. Are you ready?



  1. You got me with the single blue chair beside the stormy sea. Beautiful image.

  2. Love the Oregon coast in winter! Enjoy!